Ad’hoc Research Wins More Business with SurveyToGo

Read how Ad’hoc gained more business with SurveyToGo

“SurveyToGo has allowed us to win projects we simply couldn’t before”

David Albet Marketing Project Manager at Ad’hoc Research
Project Highlights:
Devices installed with SurveyToGo
Down software ownership cost
Hours basic survey programming
The Company

Founded in 1992 and based in Lyon, France, Ad’hoc Research is a full-service research firm that uses tailored methods to conduct research and fieldwork in France and internationally.

Its sector-specific teams are experts in qualitative and quantitative methodologies, whether they are collecting information face-to-face, by telephone or online.

Ad’hoc Research employs a full-time staff of 20 and up to 1,000 researchers at any given time to complete approximately 100 annual research projects for clients such as BMW, L’Oreal, Roche, and Disney, to name just a few.

The Challenge

The firm had been using pen and paper and legacy software for conducting its face-to-face research projects when it decided it needed to upgrade to a modern, flexible software solution with added capabilities, such as presenting respondents with images related to research questions.

“Our Managing Director, Laurent, conducted an extensive web search for upgrading our research software,” explains David Albet, Marketing Project Manager at Ad’hoc Research. “We tested SurveyToGo against our legacy software by building a test survey. We were pleasantly surprised when we learned how easy and flexible SurveyToGo was to program. But what sealed the deal for us was when we asked Dooblo to develop a custom feature for us. Their responsiveness to help us and deliver exactly what we needed made our decision an easy one.”

The Solution

David believes Ad’hoc Research made the right choice with SurveyToGo. “The solution we chose is reliable, customizable, and flexible, thanks to the pay-per-use pricing model.” The firm’s researchers use an abundance of SurveyToGo features but some of their favorites are geolocalization, automatic export, attaching images, and complex scripting in JavaScript for filtering and display tasks.


Ad’hoc Research installed SurveyToGo on 50 devices. “Implementation was easy and fast and took less time than we thought it would,” boasts David. “It only takes a couple hours to program a basic survey. Complex surveys take longer but we like having the flexibility of programming whatever we need.”

David’s team rarely needs support for their research software but when they do, they appreciate the vendor’s responsiveness. “Dooblo’s support team usually has the answers to our questions and when a feature we need is missing, they will often develop it for us,” David concludes.


SurveyToGo’s impact on Ad’hoc Research’s business quickly became evident: the firm is now taking on more work than before because it can meet unique client needs its legacy software couldn’t acommodate. Software ownership costs are down 15-20% thanks to SurveyToGo’s flexible pay-per-use pricing model. Research quality is up due to SurveyToGo’s advanced quality control features like geolocalization. “SurveyToGo has allowed us to win projects we simply couldn’t before,” David sums it up.


When asked what advice he would give other research firms who regularly perform face-to-face research, David’s succinct response is, “what are you waiting for? Get SurveyToGo!” When pushed to reveal which of his needs SurveyToGo doesn’t fully satisfy yet, David admits with a smile, “the software is absolutely excellent for face-to-face; when will it be available also for online surveys?”